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We Who Are Pee & Poo?

These fun plush toys for kids are some of the hottest toys in Britain, Sweden and in the U.S. Created in Stockholm, Sweden in 2004 by graphic design student Emma Megitt, Pee & Poo are cute little plush toys for kids that, as it turns out, are also extremely popular amongst adults for many great reasons!

Companions for Potty Training

Kids love Pee & Poo because they’re soft, they’re cute, and they facilitate toilet training. Kids feel they have friends in Pee & Poo to help them learn about bodily functions in a non-threatening, amusing and cheery way. Parents love the educational element of the toys as they help with potty training their children, providing inspiration as well as comfort.

Gag Gifts for Adults of All Ages

There are others besides children and parents who love Pee & Poo – people of all ages rave about giving the duo as gag gifts to adults. Pee & Poo have been featured in magazines, on TV and in publications across the globe, enticing children as well as adults of all ages to search them out.

Pee & Poo Plushies, Key Chains and Clothing

In addition to the original plush cuddly friends, there are now also available Pee & Poo socks, underwear, t-shirts, key rings, stickers, and removable tattoos. The plush friends are available in a duo pack and sold together, and are made with cotton and filled fiber. They are CE-marked and suitable for all ages, and are also washable.

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