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Tips for Making Potty Training Fun and Successful

Toilet training can be frustrating, difficult and stressful – but it doesn’t have to be. Parents, children and caregivers can lessen the time it takes to complete training by making it more fun, while easing anxiety too.

Make potty training time more fun with a friend for your child. Pee and Poo are the perfect bathroom companions to reassure your child and bring fun into the bathroom. The best part is that Pee & Poo are available as cute little plush toys, keychains, on t-shirts, and as temporary tattoos. Parents often purchase a variety of Pee and Poo items for children to have with them whether they are in the bathroom or not. Following are some tried and true tips and suggestions for things you can add to potty training to make it truly a success:

Target practice: Whether you use fruit ring cereal, oat cereal rings, or you purchase them, you can use toilet targets to help make bathroom time fun as you help your child practice aiming as well. Children are able to focus on something other than just “going potty” and enjoy the distraction, which can be a big help in lessening stress.
Books, videos and cartoons can very much help your potty training adventure. There are  bedtime stories that are available, educational media, those that are focused on encouragement, those that center around easing fear, and more. Add some charts and stickers to these aides to serve as motivational tools, and your child will love them as rewards for doing a great job! Pee & Poo temporary tattoos make great rewards for kids who are learning.

If your child has a fear of the standard toilet, you may want to try using a small musical potty chair instead to start out with. When your child goes potty, these fun toilets play a song to reward them and encourage them to repeat it when they need to go!
[Pee & Poo Duo Large Plush Set] Using special potty training watches and clocks can help your child not only learn to tell time, but also to go potty on a regular schedule. Heading to the bathroom on a regular schedule will help form the habit of going potty. Many of the clocks and watches that are available offer the ability to set an alarm or timer at different intervals, such as every 30 minutes, every 45 minutes, etc.
Use fun toilet training pants and underpants. There are waterproof and water-resistant liners that are available in many different colors, patterns and themes. Oftentimes, children who are wearing underpants with their favorite characters on them won’t want to “ruin” or soil them, and will more happily run to the toilet when they have to go!

With so many different aides available for helping parents and caregivers with potty training, the days of frustration, stress and unnecessary messes are over! Just be sure to incorporate the cute characters Pee & Poo into any potty training routine to help your child have fun while they learn! 

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